Dear Residents of Erie,

I am proud to share with you that I am running for Trustee for the Town of Erie in the upcoming April 3, 2018 Erie Municipal Election.

My wife and I moved to Erie in 2010. Since then, both Erie and I have seen many changes. I have had the opportunity to get to know so many of you through community organizations where I have spent hundreds of hours  Helping The Community. These interactions have helped me understand the needs of Erie citizens from various perspectives. Additionally, I have served on the Town of Erie Planning Commission, which I was unanimously appointed to by the Erie Board of Trustees in 2014. This experience has given me insight into the Town’s workings and how our Town Staff and Government can help our citizens, when they listen to them. We are all a part of #TeamErie!

In 2017, I turned 40, and my wife, Dr. Crystal Connor, and I had our first child, Margot! My family is growing, and not coincidentally, so is my commitment to do everything I can to help make Erie a better place for all. I look forward to walking around town with Crystal, Margot and our dog Sonny for years to come. Erie is a town in which I have had the opportunity to listen to its people and do my best to support the wants and needs I hear from them.  In order to ensure the town does its best to provide for its citizens and keep them safe, I am asking for your vote.

I look forward to engaging further with the knowledgeable and passionate people of our town. Please “like” my Facebook page, message me or submit a request on this Form page for a yard sign, or email (Gippe4Trustee@gmail.com) me with any specific thoughts or questions. During the course of the campaign I will work to update my Opinions page with new opinions.


Bill Gippe III, Esq.