Oil & Gas

  • In light of continuing hazardous occurrences that have taken place as a result of O&G operations, it is difficult to believe that O&G understands all the dangers it poses, let alone how to mitigate the dangers that come as a result. I would advocate for:
    • the largest setbacks possible for future O&G actions;
    • the most stringent monitoring of all environmentally related measurements (i.e. air, noise, ground, etc), while also pushing for legislation to increase the standards by which those measures are judged;
    • and push to hold O&G accountable for issues and prove, by their actions, that they respect the lives and investments of all of us living in Erie.
  • As an attorney, I believe Erie needs to continue to pursue all legal avenues to protect the health and safety of its citizens from all possible offenders.
  • As a Trustee, I would want to work with State officials, and elected officials from surrounding communities facing similar issues, to expand the rights of a municipality to implement the proper safeguards for their community.
  • As a parent of a 3 month old, whom recently put a deposit down at an area daycare (which subsequently had its own O&G issues), I’m very concerned and want to be a part of positive change that ensures the safety and prosperity for Erie and its families. ​

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